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Crane Operator

Houston, Texas, USA

Job Type

Full Time
-but must travel to Gulf Coast States regularly

Claremont is seeking an experienced full-time Crane Operator to our growing construction operation. The following list are the requirements you must meet below to be considered for this position. Applicant must always ensure safety first attitude, along with safe lifting of the load, proper set-up of crane, maintain all state and federal laws while operating motor vehicles. Must follow all safety and environmental policies while performing the task.

The person we are looking for will need to meet or exceed all on the following list of requirements to be considered for this position.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Review what the next day(s) job assignment is and have all necessary rigging and equipment ready before ending the shift.
    • Completes Field Ticket and turns in to local office.
    • Completes payroll book daily with the hours worked.
    • If not on a specific job, then applicant inspects, clean, and perform maintenance on the equipment in shop and yard
    • Assists in the training of safe operation of a crane.
    • Periodically reviews assigned crane, other model cranes service and operation manuals.
    • Be able to read, interpret, and calculate the load percentage by utilizing the load charts of the crane's owner and operation manual.
    • Be able to program the crane's computer in proper set-up mode, set-up crane on location in a safe and professional manner.
    • Must determine that the signal person understands and performs proper hand signals before lifting the load.
    • Understands and can perform proper rigging techniques to ensure safe lifting of the load.
    • Inspects crane, truck, and/or trailer and fills out vehicle inspection report before operating the vehicle. Turns in inspection report to the local branch office.
    • Performs other job duties as assigned.
    • Must pass a physical, drug test
    • Must have a clean driving record prior to and during employment

Qualifications & Skills

    • Must have a current state issued Commercial Driver License (CDL).
    • Must have a current crane operating license (NCCCO or NCCER).
    • 3 or more years of operating hydraulic cranes required.
    • Ability to operate crane by viewing hand signals.

Compensation and Benefits: 

We are always looking for individuals with the talent and skills required to contribute to our continued growth, success, and culture of safety.

Mission Statement

Delivering the Best Quality Work -SAFELY