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Claremont Property Company has experienced a lot of growth in over 27 years, and there's still more to do! We attribute that growth to our most valuable asset - our people. The position you receive at Claremont Property Company isn't where your career stops. Our team members are always informed of new positions and opportunities and there is no limit to how far you are determined to go. We value our team and the hard work, motivation, and effort they put forth everyday. 

CPC team working together to rebuild!

We are continuously looking for the next generation of dreamers and builders. We hire the very best at every level. From our offices to the jobsite, you'll be empowered to shape the future of one of the construction industry's most well respected leaders.  


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As a skilled craft worker, you will be the backbone of every project, helping us maintain site safety, protect the environment and keep operations on schedule. You will receive opportunities to gain additional skills that you can use throughout your career with Claremont. Many of our supervisors and members of upper management began their careers as skilled craft workers.


Our construction field supervision team is comprised of experienced professionals who have the ability to lead and motivate the people they supervise. As they regularly interact with owners, vendors and JV partners, we rely on them to be approachable and to represent Claremont to the best of their ability. Claremont has one of the most stellar safety records in the industry, as well as a reputation for delivering projects ahead of schedule, due in large part to our excellent field supervisors.


Our professional personnel are responsible for the effective management and resource allocation required to deliver our projects below budget and ahead of schedule. This includes but it is not limited to planning and scheduling the work, ensuring dedicating the necessary resources, maintaining a safe work environment and periodically evaluating the execution plan to assure successful outcomes. Professionals at Claremont have diverse educational and work backgrounds. All share a desire to build great projects and a drive to enhance their skills and careers.


Equal Employment Opportunity

Claremont Property Company and affiliates believes in equal employment opportunity. That means the company does not discriminate in job decisions because of a person's race, color, religion, sex (including sexual orientation and gender identity), national origin, age, and/or disability, or any other protected characteristics or factors prohibited by federal, state and local legislation.

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