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Claremont is Ready to Deliver

The roof of a building is that building’s first line of defense against the weather outside. If the roof is damaged in some way, the entire building can be placed in jeopardy.


For instance, when a roof is damaged in a wind storm, that damage needs to be repaired as quickly as possible to protect what is inside and to prevent further damage from taking place. 

There are a couple general categories of roofing projects – emergency repairs and new roof installations. Sometimes, the emergency repair will need to be completed simply to buy time until the new roof project can be planned and executed.


Or, it might be that the emergency repair is able to solve the problem, and no new roof will need to be installed.


At Claremont, we have the experienced team necessary to evaluate each situation and determine the best path forward. 

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Multi-Family and Commercial Roofing

We are experienced with both multi-family and commercial projects, so property managers and owners alike can contact Claremont for assistance. We keep up with all of the latest techniques and technologies in the business, so you can trust that we’ll complete the job properly – and in a way that is going to stand the test of time.  We strive to help businesses get back up and running right away to minimize the impact of this work. 

Is Claremont Right for Your Roofing Project?

If you need a professional, reliable, proven roofing company to handle a new roof installation or roof reconstruction, Claremont is the right choice. Rather than trying to manage your own project and taking on all of the headaches that come with such a job, turn it over to our team and rest easy. We will use our extensive knowledge and experience to make sure your roof is cared for correctly from start to finish. 

As commercial and multi-family roofing experts, Claremont will dispatch our emergency response team to your site with 24 hours of getting your call.


Call 713.661.0400 if you need immediate attention to large-scale roofing damage.

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