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Water and Flood Damage Recovery with Claremont

No matter the source, water coming into your building can be extremely destructive. It is imperative that you act within the first 24-48 hours of water entering your building to mitigate structural damage and limit the risk of mold. This work should be performed by trusted professionals with all the right tools to ensure the integrity of your building. 

Water abatement entails more than just cleaning and drying readily visible water – porous materials like carpet and drywall can absorb water that will lead to problems down the road. Left untreated water damage can lead to bacteria and mold growth that can impact the structural integrity of your property and lead to health risks.

flood building body.PNG
flood building body.PNG

Claremont has over 25 years of experience restoring water damaged properties, and our professionals know the importance of quick action when it comes to water abatement. When we evaluate the water damage to your property, these are the three main criteria that we will use to define our action plan:
•    Amount of property damage
•    Degree of contamination
•    Replacement costs vs. restoration costs


The timeframe for achieving full restoration depends on several factors. 

It is essential to act quickly when you have water damage in your property or business. The longer water is left standing, the more likely it is to become contaminated with bacteria, making it a significant health hazard.

Contamination risks and damage increases the longer the water is left standing. 

Structural Drying.png
moisture mapping1.png
water extracting 1.png
document restoration.PNG
Quick Cleanup

While all water can cause significant damage to your property, special care needs to be taken when the source of the water is from a flood. Floodwaters carry more contaminants and can cause more structural and electrical damage than a typical leak or burst pipe. A water damage specialist like Claremont should be your first call once the floodwaters have receded.


Time is of the essence when your property has been impacted by floodwaters; each hour that goes by can worsen the condition. When deployed quickly, professional teams can achieve remarkable success in saving and restoring your property. 

Stop Mold Before it Starts

Removing moisture is the number one factor in preventing mold growth. It is necessary to employ professional water damage specialists quickly to begin the drying process before mold has a chance to start growing. Swiftly addressed, water damage does not have to lead to mold problems. 

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