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water extraction body.jpg
water extraction body.jpg
The Importance of Water Extraction

A number of unwanted consequences can result when water is allowed to roam your buildings uncontrolled. For instance, there is likely to be microbial growth at some point, which will make the building dangerous to use until it is thoroughly cleaned. Also, the structure of the building can suffer expensive damage, and your business will be out of operation until everything is fixed.


Given how much is on the line, you can’t afford to risk using a company who isn’t prepared to handle the job. At Claremont, we know what is involved in a big water extraction and clean-up job, and we won’t hesitate to jump right in and get to work. After a prompt assessment of the situation, we will create a plan of action and get started as soon as possible.

Water Extraction is a Time-Sensitive Job

Time is the name of the game when it comes to water damage. The longer water is allowed to affect areas of your property where it does not belong, the worse the damage is going to be. To get started on correcting this serious issue right away, contact Claremont for an emergency response.


At Claremont, we understand the seriousness of this matter, and we know how much difference each minute can make. You can count on us to deliver when it matters most.

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Does Water Extraction Need to Happen Right Away?

Absolutely. There is no time to waste when cleaning up water from a flood, plumbing emergency, or some other source. Virtually every part of your building will be at risk in this scenario, and the damage can be extremely expensive and time consuming if the problem isn’t addressed right away.


What’s the Timeline for Water Extraction?

Every job is different. Claremont puts a major emphasis on urgency with this kind of job, however we will not compromise anyone’s safety or the priority of doing the work properly.


How Should I Respond to a Flood?

Safety is the top priority when a flood occurs. It’s important to turn off gas and electricity and to make sure everyone is out of the building. Only when all people are accounted for can work begin on getting the water out and undoing the damage.

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