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Moisture Mapping Can Avoid Costly Future Damage

Leveraging the power of technology, moisture mapping by Claremont can help you minimize the damage and costs incurred as a result of water damage. With water damage issues, time is always a factor – so contact us right away to get started. Claremont is a leader in this industry, and we will use our equipment and experience to track down all signs of water in your building.


A Hidden Threat

It would be easy to track down water damage risks if you could see all of the water that has made its way into your building. Of course, that isn’t going to be the case. There are plenty of places for water to hide in a building, so damage could be taking place even if nothing looks wrong on the surface.

There are plenty of situations that could lead to water damage in your building, including –

  • Flooding in the area

  • A powerful storm bringing wind and rain

  • A burst pipe or another plumbing emergency

No matter what it is that has you worried about water inside of your building, the right first step is to reach out to Claremont for moisture mapping work. We’ll track down water wherever it may be hiding and then make a plan to remove it and perform the necessary repairs.

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Putting Technology to Work

If you are tempted to handle this project in-house rather than bringing in a team like Claremont, think twice about pursuing that option. Along with the experience our team brings to the table, we also leverage modern technologies to track down water damage on your property. The equipment we bring to the project includes moisture meters, infrared cameras, and more. Considering how much is at stake when you are trying to save your building from water damage, investing in the help of our team is a wise decision.

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What Does Moisture Mapping Do?

This service is exactly as it sounds – we will produce a map of what parts of your building or property have been exposed to water damage. This will outline where drying work needs to be performed. We will use our combination of experience and technology to create a detailed map.


Is Damage Assessment a Necessary Step?

In a word, yes. Without knowing how bad the damage is, or what parts of the property have been damaged, you won’t have any way of making a recovery plan.


How Much Time Will This Service Take?

We can’t pinpoint how long moisture mapping will take because that depends on the size of the property, the extent of the damage, etc. However, we do understand the urgency of these matters, and strive to serve our clients as quickly and effectively as possible.

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