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Weather Events Can Wreck Havoc

Tornados, high winds, hail and hurricanes lead to significant property damage every year, and each event can carry many types of damage. From flooding and wind damage in hurricanes to wind and hail damage from tornados, extreme weather events can wreak havoc on your property.

Even with proper warning and preparation, these events can lead to significant damage and property loss. Hiring professionals to restore your property will help mitigate losses and ensure all damage is properly addressed.

Claremont offers the following services after extreme weather events to protect and secure your property:​

  • Tarping damaged roofs

  • Boarding up windows and doors

  • Bracing building structural damage

  • Installing temporary fencing around property

Claremont is bonded to work with your insurance company to restore, repair, and rebuild your property following extreme weather events. Our professional team will ensure the new construction is blended with the existing structure, from materials to design. Our teams’ experience with storm damage, flooding, and mold remediation makes us uniquely qualified to restore properties following extreme weather events.

Following an extreme weather event, ensuring the safety and security of your staff and tenants is your number one priority. Let the professionals at Claremont handle any damage to your property.

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