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A Thorough Process of Removal

Once you suspect that mold may be growing in your building, or after you have had some type of flooding event, bring in our experts for a closer look. We will go through a detailed process that includes the following steps (although each job is unique) –

  • Accessing the extent of mold growth and determining a root cause

  • Containing the contamination to avoid further spread

  • Reducing the moisture levels in the space to discourage new mold growth

  • Removal of affected materials and restoration of impacted area


There are many places within a commercial building where mold could potentially grow. Not surprisingly, these are the places where water is commonly found, including the bathrooms, kitchen, and roof. Also, mold can grow inside walls, in plumbing, and even under the carpet. Get in touch with Claremont to get your mold issues under control.

Commercial Mold Removal Services Available

Where there is moisture, there is likely to be mold. This fungus loves a damp environment, and when it grows uncontrolled, it can lead to serious health consequences for those in the building. Containing and eliminating mold is important work and the team at Claremont is up to the challenge.


One of the things that makes mold so difficult to manage is its complexity. There are thousands of types of mold and they can’t all be handled the same way. In fact, some of them you can’t even see! Lean on Claremont for assistance to keep your building safe for years to come.

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Is mold a serious problem?

Absolutely – mold growth in a building can lead to serious health complications. Sometimes, health issues are the first hint that mold may be growing in a hidden location.


Do I need mold remediation?

If your business has extensive mold growth and damage, it’s not enough to just wipe it away. You need a thorough mediation performed by a professional team with the right equipment and knowledge of this kind of work.


How long will mold remediation take?

That depends on how much mold is growing, where it is growing, and what kind of damage it has done. A small job could be completed in a day, but it can take much longer than that to address major mold issues.

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