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Remove and Dispose of Hazardous Waste Safely

The name hazardous waste says pretty much all you need to know about these materials – they can be hazardous to human health. Of course, hazardous waste comes in many forms, including chemicals, the contents of a sewer, bodily fluids, and on and on. If there are any hazards in your buildings or on your property that need to be addressed, reach out to Claremont right away for help.


We are experienced with the challenges presented by proper hazardous materials cleanup. We have all of the right equipment and supplies on hand to do this work promptly and correctly. Our goal on each and every job is simple – to make your building safe for all who visit it each day.


A Complete Process

There is nothing accidental about the way we deal with hazardous materials at Claremont. Instead, we have a carefully designed process that we follow on each of these jobs. Some of the steps in that process include the following –

  • Evaluate the situation and decide how to get started

  • Begin the remediation process

  • Remove everything that has been affected

  • Clean and sanitize anything that could potentially be saved

  • Document the damage and the work that has been performed by our team


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Are any hazardous materials present in my building?

You may deal with potentially hazardous materials frequently without knowing it. Even relatively commonplace items can be hazardous in the wrong situation, such as computers and batteries, fertilizers, oil, and much more.


Why Claremont?

It is the combination of experience and equipment that makes Claremont a perfect choice for any hazardous waste cleanup job.


We need assistance immediately. Can Claremont help?

Yes – we take pride in responding to the needs of our clients as quickly as possible. Time is often a factor on these kinds of jobs, so we are used to responding in a hurry.

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