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Avoid Costly Downtime with Electronics Restoration

Most businesses today run on electronics. If your electronics are damaged in a fire, flood, or another disaster, you may be out of commission until repairs are made. With Claremont, you can shorten the timeline on this work to get back up and running as soon as possible.


We take pride in recovering as much data as possible from your damaged equipment. Even if you don’t think it will be possible to recover any data, give us a call and see what we can do. You just might be surprised!


Start the Electronics Recovery Process Right Away

Any delay in starting to recover your potentially lost data can be expensive – and it may even make it harder to recover that data. Contact Claremont immediately after any kind of disaster so we can get to work and help protect your business.


While each recovery project is a little different, our process generally follows the outline below.


  • Inspection. Before anything can be fixed or recovered, we have to analyze the damage and figure out what can and can’t be saved.

  • Cleaning. We’ll use the right chemicals and tools to clean the impacted items and protect them moving forward.

  • Restoration. Finally, we will restore the equipment that can be saved and return it to your business as soon as possible.

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Can all types of equipment be recovered?

Claremont has the experiences and resources necessary to recover a wide range of electronics equipment. Among the possibilities are office equipment, computers and services, data storage gear, and on and on.


Is restoration worth the cost?

In some cases, it will make more sense to simply buy new equipment rather than trying to recover the damaged items. Our team will help you make that determination.


What are the benefits of restoration?

One of the biggest benefits of restoration is avoiding the time it could take to replace specialized gear that is used in your business. Rather than having to wait a long period of time to get new equipment, it may be possible to use your restored equipment in short order.

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