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Bring Damaged Documents Back to Life

One of the biggest losses that you can experience in your business after an event such as a flood or fire is the loss of documents. You may not realize how valuable these documents are to the health of your business until they are gone.


Before you throw everything away, contact Claremont for assistance. You may be amazed to find what can be saved with the right expertise and technology. Saving even some of your damaged documents could be a great help for your operations moving forward.



Many Possibilities for Restoration

To the average person, damaged documents or other items may appear to be a lost cause when you first return to a building after a disaster. Things look different, however, through the eyes of a professional. It’s critical that you don’t make any decisions before consulting the experts at Claremont.


We can save, or attempt to save, many different types of items, including the following –

  • Files

  • Blueprints, maps, drawings

  • Receipts and invoices

  • Photographs

  • Books, magazines, catalogs

  • Certifications and licenses

  • Data from electronics

  • Office equipment

  • And on and on


It’s a combination of advanced equipment and experience that allows us to save so much of what has been damaged. We’ll use whatever tools are necessary for the job at hand, including vacuum freeze-drying, conversion to digital, disinfection, deodorization, etc. Contact us today to learn more.

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What is the first step in this process?

To get started, you’ll want to contact Claremont to have us assess the damage. It’s true that some items may be beyond rescue, but many of our clients are often surprised at what we are able to save.


What are the chances of saving my documents?

We can’t say without seeing them. But again, thanks to high-tech equipment and plenty of experience, the results can be pleasantly surprising.


Does mold mean I have to throw everything out?

Not necessarily. Mold growth is obviously a serious issue, but it may still be possible to salvage some of what has been damaged. Contact us right away to get started.

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