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Improve the Air You Breathe

If you are going to breathe clean air within an indoor space, you need to have clear air ducts. Since air ducts are typically tucked away out of sight, this is an easy maintenance point to overlook. Unfortunately, many negative health outcomes can be associated with low air quality, so paying attention to the condition of your air building's ducts is an important task.


When you think about it, there’s no surprise that air ducts get dirty over time. After all, their job is to pump large quantities of air throughout a building, day after day. Whether it is running to heat the air in the building, or to cool it, your HVAC system is supposed to keep the building comfortable and clean. Over time, all of the air that is running through the system will have an impact on the ducts, leaving them with a variety of contaminants. Depending on the circumstances, it’s possible to find mold in ducts, as well as other issues. Before your ducts get to that point, or to restore them to health once again, contact Claremont for assistance.


Understanding Air Ducts

Even if you aren’t in the HVAC business, an air duct is a pretty simple piece of equipment to understand. The air ducts in your building are tasked with the basic but important job of moving air efficiently from one place to another. Basically, the ducts allow air to move to the central heating or cooling unit, and they also distribute air throughout the building. The exact setup of the system will depend on the type and size of the building in question, but the basic concept remains the same across the board.


Proper Timing of Air Duct Cleaning

Unlike some other maintenance tasks, which become obvious when they need to be completed, cleaning air ducts is something that you can overlook if you aren’t paying close attention. For instance, it’s obvious when gutters need to be cleaned, because they are clogged, and water cannot drain properly. It’s not going to be like that with air ducts, but this is an important task just the same.


It’s a good habit to have your air duct cleanings scheduled on a periodic basis. Work with the professionals at Claremont to settle on a schedule that will work best for your needs. Also, you may want to have duct cleaning performed if there are any big events that take place in your building that could lead to duct issues. For instance, if there is a fire in the building, smoke will make its way into the ducts and a cleaning would be in order. Also, a flood can release things into the air that you will want to clean out ASAP. Even ongoing construction work can lead to the need for duct cleaning, since dust is often generated while work is performed.


Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning Services

You stand to benefit in a number of ways if you decide to have your ducts cleaned by Claremont. For starters, you will be breathing cleaner air inside the building, which is always a welcome change. This is particularly important for people with respiratory issues, such as asthma.


Air quality is an important starting point, but it is not the only benefit of having ducts cleaned. Another important element is the improved efficiency of your system. With cleaner air moving through the system, it won’t need to work as hard to heat or cool the air and return it to the open spaces of the building. Ultimately, energy usage should be reduced, leading to a smaller carbon footprint and a lower energy bill. Whether you are motivated by financial savings, improving the environment, or both, it’s clear that you stand to benefit when your ducts are maintained properly.


Why Work with Claremont?

Once you have decided that you are going to have your ducts cleaned, the next important decision is figuring out which company will do the work. As you shop around for a contractor to handle the job, you want to look for some important qualifications. We have a team of trained and committed professionals who are determined to deliver good results to each and every customer. By providing that trained staff with the equipment they need to get the job done, Claremont is able to deliver time after time.


Duct Cleaning is Important for Businesses

Air duct cleaning is not reserved solely for multi-family properties. In fact, it might even be more important in the commercial environment, where large numbers of people may be gathering day after day in a single space. For commercial office buildings, or retail spaces, air duct cleaning should be a regular part of ongoing maintenance tasks.


When you use Claremont to keep up with your commercial air duct cleaning needs, you’ll stand to improve air quality and circulation immediately after the job is completed. This is particularly impactful in older buildings that may have significant buildup in the ducts. Also, the building may smell better, an important point when trying to lure customers to patronize the business. Finally, with improved air flow, it may be possible to get a longer lifespan out of the current HVAC system, which could lead to cost savings as the years go by.

Contact Us

As air duct cleaning experts, Claremont will dispatch our emergency response team to your site with 24 hours of getting your call.


Call 713.661.0400 if you need large scale air duct cleaning .

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