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Demolition is a Complex Process

On the surface, the task of tearing down a building sounds pretty simple. After all, if the goal is nothing more than a pile of rubble, what could go wrong?


Unfortunately, there is plenty that can go wrong during demo, which is why a professional team is required for this task. From safety concerns to knowing what equipment to use for which tasks, experience plays a big role in both selective and complete demolition.


One other consideration when taking on a demolition project is keeping nearby buildings safe. Those might be your own buildings or the buildings of neighboring businesses. A comprehensive plan will be put in place for any work begins to ensure no accidental damage takes place.

Safely Handling Commercial Demolition

Sometimes, demolition is required to allow a building to live up to its potential. Maybe a disaster has taken place and part or all of your building needs to come down, or maybe it is simply time for a renovation project. Either way, Claremont is capable of managing the demolition project for you.


It’s important to note that commercial demolition does not necessarily mean that an entire structure will be removed. Selective demolition is the process of carefully tearing down a specified part of a building while leaving the rest alone. The Claremont team will work together with you to determine what parts of the structure need to be removed and how that job can be done safely.



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What is included in a commercial demolition job?

As with all projects, commercial demo starts with an evaluation of the site and a review of the goals for the job. Once everyone is on the same page, Claremont can prepare a plan and the associated timeline. After the demolition work is complete, we will also handle the cleanup and disposal part of the job.


Is deconstruction the same as demolition?

Not quite – with demolition, everything is just destroyed and taken away as trash. On the other hand, deconstruction is a careful process that aims to maintain the condition of items so they can be reused or even sold. Some projects will include elements of both demolition and deconstruction.


Why choose Claremont?

Claremont is the right partner for your commercial demolition project because our services cover everything you will need to complete this job successfully. We can take care of the actual demolition, the cleanup, and any reconstruction work that needs to be completed. As soon as you know that a demolition project is in your future, reach out to us for assistance.

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