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Your complimentary Pre-Loss Inspection report is designed to give you peace of mind. You will know that you are taking the proactive measures necessary to be prepared in the event of a disaster.

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Access to Information in Emergency Situations

When disaster strikes every minute counts. Within every building the locations of cut-off valves, electric control panels, elevator controls, fire alarm panels, etc. are found in different areas of the building.


In the event our crews, or your maintenance personnel, are called to respond to an emergency at your building, having the exact location of these vital building control systems available to them when they arrive will save precious time and likely additional damage to your building.

Your completed report will have a detailed location description along with photos of each:

  • Water Cut-Off Valve

  • Water Meter Location

  • Fire Sprinkler Cut-Off Valve

  • Lawn Sprinkler Cut-Off Valve

  • Back-Flow Preventer

  • Gas Cut-Off Valve

  • Roof Access

  • Alarm Panel

  • Elevator Controls

photo 10.jpg

So if crews respond day or night, or even in the dark because your building has lost power, all this information will be available to them on their smart phones, eliminating costly time searching for solutions to the problem.

preloss 1 peep valve oscar.PNG
emergency response drop3.png
wind and storm drop 3.png
water and flood drop 3.png
fire and smoke drop 5.png
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