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Our Business is Getting You Back in Business

No matter the source, water coming into your building can be extremely destructive. It is imperative that you act within the first several days of water entering your building to mitigate structural damage and limit the risk of mold. This work should be performed by a full-service disaster recovery company to ensure the integrity of your building.


Partner with Claremont, your single stop water and flood recovery partner. Our business is getting you back in business.

Emergency Services

Claremont’s emergency response teams are ready to dispatch 24/7 to begin our process of restoring your water damaged property and mitigate further damage whenever disaster strikes.


As soon as you contact Claremont, one of our qualified project managers will come to your property to assess the damage and create a plan of action to restore your property as soon as possible. When your world is upside-down, you need professionals you can count on.

Mitigation Services

Once your building floods with water, immediate action is required. Claremont will utilize specialized and high-tech equipment such as water extractors, dehumidifiers, fans, heat radiators, desiccants and other equipment designed to quickly and effectively dry your buildings structural elements.

Claremont will monitor all the equipment during the process to ensure your building is completely dry.

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Our team also identifies and secures any contents within the building that can be dried and/or restored. Lastly we work with either your Industrial Hygienist or ours to clear the building and have it ready for the build back of your building to start.

Mold Removal

Time is of the essence when your property has been impacted by floodwaters; each hour that goes by can worsen the condition. When deployed quickly, professional teams can achieve remarkable success in saving and restoring your property. 

Removing moisture is the number one factor in preventing mold growth. It is necessary to employ professional water damage specialists quickly to begin the drying process before mold has a chance to start growing. Swiftly addressed, water damage does not have to lead to mold problems. 

a worker in an industrial enterprise (cr
Partner with Claremont?

In the process of shopping for a restoration or reconstruction contractor, you are likely to encounter a variety of names. So, what is it about Claremont that allows us to stand out from the competition? Consider the following –

•    Track-record of successful experience in this field
•    Committed to delivering a quality finished                          product on-time and on-budget
•    Simplify the job, allowing us to take the lead                      and keep the project organized
•    Comprehensive planning to accommodate                        your business during construction
•    Competitive rates

Up to Code

It’s important to highlight our commitment to doing all work properly and in line with local and state regulations. We comply with the laws in place where we work, and we pay close attention to applicable codes when planning and executing our projects. The safety of everyone involved is always a top priority, as is protection for the environment. Simply put, you will be proud to have Claremont working on your project.

As disaster recovery experts, Claremont will create and execute a comprehensive plan to get your property back in pre-loss condition.


Call 713.661.0400 to schedule a water damage mitigation plan.

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