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Trust Our Team

The pack-out of sensitive items is definitely not a DIY job. For one thing, your building could be dangerous, so it’s best to have our experienced team handle the work safely. Also, we know how to work with items that have already been partially damaged to avoid doing any more harm.


Once everything has been taken out of the building, restoration and repair work can begin on the property itself. We’ll make sure your things are stored safely and we can work on whatever cleaning work needs to be done. When the building is safe and clean, we will bring everything back and help you get up and running.

Prompt Pack-Out Services Are Essential

When a commercial building is damaged by some kind of disaster, the first concern is the people who live or work in the building. Once those people are accounted for, the concern then turns to things in the building that need to be saved. By using pack-out services from Claremont, you can save as many of your items as possible and reduce overall loss.


Don’t make the mistake of allowing things like documents and electronics to linger in your damaged building long after the disaster has occurred. Doing so could lead to further damage and make it more difficult to restore those items in the end. Call Claremont right away to get started.

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Can all types of equipment be recovered?

Claremont has the experiences and resources necessary to recover a wide range of electronics equipment. Among the possibilities are office equipment, computers and services, data storage gear, and on and on.


Is restoration worth the cost?

In some cases, it will make more sense to simply buy new equipment rather than trying to recover the damaged items. Our team will help you make that determination.


What are the benefits of restoration?

One of the biggest benefits of restoration is avoiding the time it could take to replace specialized gear that is used in your business. Rather than having to wait a long period of time to get new equipment, it may be possible to use your restored equipment in short order.

What Can Be Moved Offsite?

Often, the kinds of things that are moved away after a disaster include paper documents, electronics, merchandise, etc. The specifics of what you need moved away will depend on your business.


When Will the Items Be Treated?

Usually, we will pack things up and get them out of the damaged building before doing any cleaning. However, some cases will require upfront cleaning before everything can be moved.


Can Damaged Items Be Moved?

We have to assess each individual case as its own unique challenge. We are able to move and restore some damaged items, but others may have sustained too much damage to save.

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