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Fire Damage Cleaning and Recovery Services

It’s no secret that a fire can be one of the most damaging events for the health of a building. Fortunately, not all fires will bring a building down to the ground – if the fire is controlled quickly enough, much of the building can be saved and damage can be minimized.


Of course, even when the fire is controlled, there will be damage that needs to be addressed. You might have walls that need to be replaced, and there is likely smoke odors that need to be removed. To properly handle fire damage and get back to normal as soon as possible, reach out to Claremont for assistance.

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soot removal body.PNG
Taking Care of Soot Problems

When organic matter burns, soot is produced. So, if your building has wood walls, those walls burning is sure to produce black soot that will settle on surfaces around the space. This soot needs to be thoroughly cleaned before your building will be ready for use once again.


Cleaning soot requires much more than just wiping it away. Fortunately, Claremont has the equipment necessary to do this job right from start to finish. Our approach will include powerful tools like air scrubbers, HEPA vacuums, and appropriate chemicals.


While performing soot removal, Claremont will also manage the other necessary steps of the fire recovery and restoration process.

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When should I call my insurance company?

We recommend dealing with fire damage as soon as possible. Contact Claremont right away to get started with this work and then reach out to your insurance company to bring them into the loop.


What Kind of Work is Necessary After a Fire?

As is always the case with disaster recovery, the specifics of the work we do will depend on how much damage has been done, and what has been damaged. Also, water has likely been used to put out the fire, so some surfaces and materials may have been damaged by that water.


When Can I Go Back into the Building?

A property that has experienced a fire can be a dangerous place for a number of reasons. Stay out of the building and bring in our expert team to deal with the situation right away.

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